Guest Refund Policy Terms

Check-in and Check-Out policies are specific to each property and can be verified by contacting the hotel directly.

Early check-In or Late-Check out is subjected to room availability on a relevant day, to be reconfirmed directly with the property front office staff.

Room not occupied by 22:00 hours will be considered No Show unless prior arrangements have been made.

All reservation payment refunds are subject to Hotels cancellation policies available in your account under your bookings.

Guarantee by credit card: Reservation is allowed to modify/cancel online on your own prior to the arrival date and no cancellation fees (if applicable and allowed) subject to property-specific policies.

Cancellation/No Show Policy: Once a reservation is confirmed, please notify us by phone or email( of any cancellation or modification of the booking at least 3 days (48 hours) before arrival in order to avoid a charge of 1 night’s stay to be imposed.

All guests must produce a valid ID upon check-in. In an event of a guest No Show, a fee of one night’s rate will be charged.